Training program “Bodybuilding for All”

Bodybuilding for All

A more or less experienced bodybuilder with time forms his scheme of employment and systematically corrects it for his own needs. The path to independent selection of the right exercises lies through the gradual study of one’s own body and the identification of sporting needs. The training program for bodybuilding depends on the ultimate goal. You need to gain mass, strength or form a relief.




Beginners in the first few months should not be hammered by alternating weight, schemes and exercises. It is important for them to simply get involved, warm up the muscles, gain enough weight for the subsequent work, nourish the muscles with glycogen. Only after a few months can you alternate work on different muscle groups.

The growth of muscles is provoked by their attempts to adapt to the existing loads. If they overworked in the gym, the body begins to save forces and build up material in order to successfully cope the next time. So the mass grows and strength abides. Gradually the body gets used to a certain level of training and stops the growth of muscle mass. Therefore, training according to one scheme, in the end, leads to a final stable result. To move on, it is necessary to slightly overload the body or throw up new types of exercises. In other words, the body needs to constantly throw up new tasks so that it does not have time to adapt and constantly strives to develop.

Training for muscle growth

All people are the same from the point of view of physiology in relation to bodybuilding. The principles of training methods for all are unchanged and reasonably proven.

However, people with the same physiological and anatomical characteristics can have different in their composition muscles. Muscle fibers are divided into “white” and “red”. The first are responsible for the short-term maximum load, the second, on the contrary – for endurance and the possibility of long-term work.

Muscles of people can differ greatly in the ratio of muscle fibers. In this regard, the successful training methods for two equally built athletes can be completely different. It is by trial and error that you can achieve the maximum result and become a star of bodybuilding.


training program for bodybuilding


Proper nutrition for muscle growth

High rates of recovery and muscle growth require that bodybuilders comply with a specialized diet. Generally speaking, bodybuilders need more calories than an average person of the same weight to provide protein and energy costs for training, recovery and muscle growth proper.

Reducing the level of food energy received in combination with cardiovascular exercises allows bodybuilders to lose excess fat, which is important in preparation for various competitions. The ratio of food energy derived from carbohydrates, proteins and fats can vary depending on the goals of the bodybuilder.

Eating for bodybuilders

A normal person needs to eat three times a day for a normal diet. Bodybuilders also try to eat 5-7 times with an interval of 2-3 hours.

This method helps to achieve the following goals:

– increases the metabolic rate in the body;

– eliminates the excessive secretion of insulin, which is caused by a large and lump meal.

Proteins for muscle growth

Protein is the main building material for muscle growth. He is the main nutritional component in the diet of bodybuilders. A bodybuilder needs more protein than a simple person.

The necessary amount of protein for muscle growth per day:

1. With moderate loads: 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight;

2. With increased loads and constant training: 4 or more grams of protein per kilogram of weight.

At the same time, the protein should be 25-30% of the total caloric intake.


training for muscle growth


Basic program for bodybuilding

Gradually, each athlete makes his own training schemes. However, to begin with, you can use the basic program to prepare yourself for further fine tuning and to feel your body.
This system is scheduled for three days. With a break between classes in 1 day. Every day, certain muscles swing, others at this time rest the previous workout and save energy for the next. This cycle allows you to achieve a good result.

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All exercises are done in three sets of eight replicates, except where indicated otherwise. Weight should be selected independently. Break between approaches for a maximum of two minutes. So, the basic program for bodybuilding.

Day one: legs and shoulders work

  • Foot press.
  • Squats.
  • Ascent to the toes in standing position, you should do 12-15 repetitions.
  • The bar press is carried out in the standing position.
  • Raising the hands to the sides with dumbbells in the slope, you need to perform 10-12 repetitions.
  • Raising the hands to the sides with dumbbells in the standing position, you need to do 10-12 repetitions.
  • Twisting.

Day Two: Triceps and Chest Work

  • Bench press, done in prone position.
  • Dumbbell presses are performed in the prone position.
  • Push-ups on uneven bars, if possible with a load.
  • Vertical bench press on block simulator.
  • French bench press.

Day Three: Back and Biceps Work

  • Deadlift.
  • Pulling up.
  • Rod rod is tilted.
  • Raise the bar to the biceps, do in a standing position.
  • Thrust dumbbells to the thigh.
  • Training biceps, performed on the Scott bench.
  • Raising the legs in the vise.

This bodybuilding program can be effective in the first months of training. Afterwards, it requires adjustments. This can be a substitution exercise, changing the intensity of work on specific muscle groups.




Focus on muscle mass gain

Features of training for mass gain in the alternation of loads and intensity of employment. In the hall should spend no more than an hour, so as not to disrupt the body. You can not allow yourself to rest between approaches for more than two minutes. It is important to regularly adjust the system so that the muscles do not have time to adapt. At the same time, one should not give up basic exercises, moreover, one must begin with them.

Emphasis on relief

This is the most difficult kind of exercise that bodybuilding knows, the training program and diet in this case are particularly intense. The “drying” of a body depends both on the loads and the numerous features of the body. During the formation of the relief takes a large amount of muscle mass, this should be taken into account. First, increase the number of repetitions and approaches. Exercises are best done with less weight, but more technically. In this case, more calories burned. Also important are aerobic elements: running, walking, exercise bike, which last 40-60 minutes. “Drying” involves a sports diet, designed to take into account the characteristics of the athlete.

Focus on strength

The main task of weight training is weight gain. How does this happen? You need to start with 60% of the working weight for 8 repetitions. Every week, this adds weight to 10%, while in five weeks is not the maximum level will be reached. With this system of activities, the body stores energy, then to use it. It is also very important to restore muscle and balanced nutrition before and after classes.

The bodybuilding program will be really effective when the athlete learns to feel the body. It comes with time. And for starters, it’s better to listen to the advice of experienced coaches.

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