The training program for mass recruitment

Training program for mass recruitment

The mass of the mass is an actual topic for people engaged in the gym. Often, many people have difficulties with this seemingly fairly simple matter. But in reality, there is nothing difficult, we must adhere to certain instructions in training, nutrition and rest and then the desired result will not be long in coming.



Body mass

The concept of body mass characterizes the total weight of a person who is capable of changing both in structural terms and in quantitative terms. The quantitative plan is the kilograms on the scales, but the structural one is quite different. By structure, the body weight is divided into pure muscle mass and mass with a set of fat tissues, water and so on. Naturally, the priority is a set of muscle mass, which is the main component of a beautiful figure. But, as practice shows, it is very difficult to type such a mass without pharmacology or genetic predisposition, especially if you belong to such types of physique as endomorph, mesomorph.

The best time to recruit mass

The device of the human body allows it to adapt to the surrounding conditions, so that all vital processes proceed at a normal level. Therefore, in hot weather, the body strives to lose excess weight, in order to better tolerate heat. Naturally, in such a period it is quite difficult to gain weight, unlike the winter one. Cold season, predisposes the body to weight gain, which would be easier to bear frost. That is why many professional athletes begin the mass gathering period from autumn to winter.


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Weight training

Building the right training program is 40-50% of your success. I propose to consider the main differences in training for weight from training to fat burning (weight loss).

  • Basic exercises.
  • Heavy weights.
  • Low-repetition training.
  • Great rest time.
  • Lack of cardio loads

Weight loss training (fat burning)

  • Circle training, insulating exercises.
  • Relatively small weights
  • Multiple training
  • Small breaks between approaches
  • Long-term cardio training

The principal difference between the two types of training is that for mass recruitment, basic, multi-joint exercises with heavy weights for a small number of repetitions are necessary. I propose to consider a three-day “split” for mass:

  1. The first day. Breast triceps
  2. Bench press bar 5×5
  3. The arrangement of dumbbells lying 3×8 The barbell with a narrow grip 5×5
  4. Second day. Legs shoulders. – Squats with a bar 5×10 (legs respond better to more repetitions)
  5. Squats in a 3×10 hook 
  6. Caviar sitting in the 3×15 simulator
  7. Press barbell sitting from behind the head 5×6
  8. The third day. Back, biceps.
  9. Static thrust 5×5
  10. Rod rod to the belt 5×5
  11. Lifting the bar to the biceps 5×6

This split involves a workout of 50-60 minutes. The bet is made on heavy, basic exercises that give the maximum stress to the body necessary for the growth of new muscle fibers. It is to combat this stress that the body accumulates a mass that it would be easier to survive under the next stress. A mandatory rule for you should be a warm-up.

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She should be given 5-10 minutes before training, which would warm up the muscles and joints. Before each exercise, it is necessary to perform warm-up approaches, gradually adding weight and reaching the maximum. It is necessary to divide the training into easy and difficult weeks. One week you do all the exercises with the maximum working weight. Next week, do 70-80% of the weight of a heavy week. This approach allows the body to recover better and reduces the chance of overtraining. Performing each exercise is necessary with the observance of technology and to failure, the last repetition must be performed with the help of the insurer, that there would come a muscle failure. After training, it is good to stretch, so that more nutritious elements enter the muscle fibers. After a few months, you can change the exercises in places, or replace them with others.

Features of training on weight

The first thing you should know: building muscle is hard work. You will have to work seriously in the hall, as well as a lot to eat (especially the ectomorphs). A set of quality muscle mass is more labor-intensive than slimming . However, many athletes are eagerly awaiting this period of training.


training program for mass recruitment


How and why muscles grow

Imagine that you are doing squats with a barbell. Here comes the 7th repetition, you have already barely straightened your legs and you begin to doubt that you will make the eighth. But, having taken a deep breath, you go down to the parallel, and even lower! And so, through the pain and burning sensation in the muscles, you start to slowly rise, feeling how the partner’s hands support and control this process. Of course, you safely stood up and, hardly having put the bar on the counter, fell to the bench in exhaustion. This is the training for mass recruitment!

In addition to the eloquently described moment of Friday’s workout, this story is also good because it helps to understand when and why muscles grow. At the moment when you finished the eighth repetition, the muscle fibers of the working muscles experienced the most severe stress and tension. So great that it actually vomited them. This happens during the execution of the last, heavy repetition. Therefore, it is so important to finish the set to the end, to the very limit, or even beyond it.

After training, muscle fibers represent a miserable sight: they are weak and destroyed, and they need urgent resuscitation. So you go home and immediately take a protein cocktail or a geyner. This can be done immediately after training, in the hall. The main thing is to close the protein-carbohydrate window for an hour.

The protein-carbohydrate window is called the state of the body, when, due to exhaustion, it badly needs nutrients. Closing the carbohydrate-protein window within an hour after training, you will give a powerful impetus to muscle growth. “

After 45 minutes after taking the cocktail you need to eat a large portion of high-quality, useful, high-calorie, varied food. Complete this cycle followed by a healthy full 8-9 hour sleep, directly during which the recovery processes will take place over the muscle fibers. Muscles grow in a dream, not in training!

Feeding for weight gain

The most important component for achieving the desired body weight. It is thanks to the diet that the body gains this mass. Therefore, you must gain more calories than you expend. Approximately it is necessary to consume 50-60 kcal per kg of weight. Or, on the composition of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), proteins 2g per kg of weight, fats of 2 g per kg of weight, carbohydrates of 6-7 g per kg of weight.

It would seem difficult to get such quantity from food if you do not know what foods you need to eat.


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The most important component in the diet for weight. It should be noted that carbohydrates are of two types, simple and complex, and they differ in the rate of assimilation. Simple carbohydrates dramatically increase blood sugar, giving a quick release of insulin, which is often deposited in fatty tissue. Complex carbohydrates give a gradual release of insulin, supplying the body with energy gradually and continuously. That’s why complex carbohydrates should become the basis of the diet. They are found in foods such as buckwheat, brown rice, macaroni from hard varieties, oatmeal, and other cereals. It should be noted that the smaller the glycemic index (the rate of degradation of carbohydrates in the human body), the better.


The main building material for muscle tissue. It is the protein that is split into amino acids that build our muscles like bricks. The best sources of protein are, eggs (one of the best amino acid compounds), chicken meat (especially breast), beef, tuna, fish, seafood, dairy products. Vegetable protein, which is used in croutons, nuts, has a very weak amino acid composition, so most often it is not even taken into account when calculating the daily rate.


The most high-calorie elements. One gram of fat is 9 kilocalories. However, they should be used cautiously, and only useful. For example, fish, nuts, olive and flaxseed oils rich in omega-3 6 9 (polyunsaturated fatty acids).


Excellent helps the digestive tract to digest heavy food, in the form of meat and so on. To foods rich in fiber include vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers. In order for the mass to grow it is necessary to disperse metabolism (metabolism). To do this, you need to divide the diet into 6-7 meals, with an interval of 1-2 hours. Drink a day 3-4 liters of water, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.


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Sports nutrition

If you do not get the necessary amount of nutrients from the food, then Gainer will come to the rescue.


Is a protein-carbohydrate mixture that looks like a powder and is taken in the form of a cocktail, with water, milk or juice. A great way to replace a meal if you do not have ready meals.


Muscles grow during recovery, which occurs during rest. In order for the body mass to increase it is necessary to rest more, the sleep should last at least 8 hours. If the body does not recover properly, it will start the reverse process called catabolism (self-destruction).

If you follow the above instructions, then the set of mass will become a very simple process. It is necessary only to adhere to the sports regime, to train effectively, to eat properly and have a good rest, then the mass will grow steadily.

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