The best exercises for the press – a smart belly with a beautiful terrain

To achieve a relief press can not only prominent bodybuilders, but also ordinary visitors “rocking”. How to do this – read on.



Functions of abdominal muscles

The main functional of the abdominal muscles is to protect and support the organs that are hidden in the abdominal cavity. They form a press that supports the cavity. It is important to remember that the abdominal muscles participate in the physiological movements of the human body. This cough, vomiting, breathing (in particular, the exhalation phase), urination, defecation. In women, they participate in the act of childbirth.

If we talk about the functions of the individual abdominal muscles, then you need to know that the slanting and turning of the body, the carrying of weights, the vertical arrangement of the body in space meet the external oblique muscles.

For the movement of the spinal column and body movements, the lifting and lowering of the ribs corresponds to the internal oblique muscles.

functional of the abdominal muscles

Exercises for the development of abdominal muscles

To the press was in order, to maintain the tone of his muscles, you need to perform various exercises. Their implementation is a preventive measure for the human respiratory system, to maintain the kidneys and spleen in the right position, to prevent hernias and protrusions.

For women in the postpartum period, it is important to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It must be remembered that it is necessary to start with non-complex complexes in order not to create a hernia. And the intensity can be increased six to eight months after the birth of the baby.

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For all people, information is needed that the abdominal muscles begin to ache under intensive exercise programs. This is directly related to the irregularity in the performance of the complexes, or, conversely, with too much strain on the muscles. To the painful sensations it was not necessary to gradually increase the load.

Sometimes there are times when pain in the abdominal muscles is not associated with exercise, but is associated with heavy physical work. In such cases, a hot bath or bath is shown.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful body and a flat stomach. Cubes, which are so eager for many, attending the gym, have every person. To make them visually noticeable, you need to get rid of the fat layer around the abdomen. An important role in this is played not only by the physical loads involved in the workmusclespress, it is necessary to revise the diet. From it you need to cross the flour, spicy and fat, forget about the sweet. During the exercises on the press, the hands, feet and the whole body are included in the work, and the fat deposits are burned not only in the abdominal area, but also throughout the body.


exercises for cubes on the abdomen at home


Explosive exercises for cubes on the abdomen at home

Do not overdo when training for a press. Those who only become attached to the sport, it is worth training every other day, doing the easiest exercises. Those who have experience of visits to the gym and home workouts, it is worth to give the press no more than 20-25 minutes a day. There are a huge number of techniques available for performing a house, but the best exercises for the press are the following:

  • Body lifts (20 and 45 degrees) – 20-40 times per set;
  • Lifting the body by 45 degrees involves the work of oblique muscles, for this it is necessary to stretch the arms forward in turn;
  • Lifting by 90 degrees. When performing this exercise, touch the knees with the chest – 15-30 repetitions;
  • Clamshell – simultaneous raising of the feet to the hands (from 15 to 50 times). You can diversify this exercise by picking up the opposite arm and leg;
  • Lowering the legs will allow the lower press to work. Lower them to such a height that the loin is pressed against the floor all the time (from 10 to 25 repetitions);
  • Torsion of the pelvis – 10-25 times. The starting position as in the previous exercise. This technique is suitable for the lower press. Taz turn alternately right and left (10 – 25 times).

The best press exercises for women

Many girls do not aspire to get beautiful relief cubes on the press. The main desire – to have a tight, not like a jelly, stomach. For this it is enough to try:

  • oblique twists – during execution, the load is distributed not only to muscles press, but also on oblique muscles;
  • a bicycle is a technique for which a lot of energy is expended. Repeat it is necessary until the muscles of the press start to burn;
  • reverse twisting – at the expense of the muscles of the press, lift the hips to the chest;
  • scissors – is difficult, but effective. Lifting your feet to a small height from the floor, begin to cross them until you feel a burning sensation in the group that you are working on.


best press exercises for women


Productive exercises for the male press

The technique of performing abdominal exercises for men does not differ from the work of the fairer sex over this part of the body. The difference is in the end result and the goal that the athlete sets for himself. Men are recommended to perform various twists for the oblique muscles of the press, to make ascents and lowering of the legs. To give a serious load to the press it is possible, carrying out twisting on a horizontal bar. From the initial position (vis a direct grip) on exhale without a jerk, raise your legs. At the highest point, fix for a few seconds. Breathe in slowly, lower your legs slowly.

Another important technique that will bring many muscle groups to work is the bar. Cubes on the abdomen with her help are not drawn, but she can remove the hanging belly.

Top 5 best exercises for the press

Regardless of whether you are going to do press exercises in the gym or want to improve your body at home, try working on the following five techniques for a few months. Rest between exercises should be no more than 30 seconds, do 3 approaches (15-25 repetitions):

  • mirror lift of the legs – the head is raised, the hands are locked in the lock. Legs raise above the floor to a height of not more than 15 cm. Lowering the leg, keep it on the weight;
  • lifting of straight legs – reaching the highest point, do not forget to lock in for a few seconds;
  • side lath – during the execution of this static exercise, the body and pelvis should form a straight line. Leaning on the arm, stay in this position for at least a minute, then change the side. Gradually increase the time;
  • alternate twisting – the left elbow leads to the right knee and vice versa;
  • lifting the hips – lifting your legs, raise your hips, do not forget to linger for a few seconds at the highest point. When doing the exercise, do not jerk.


exercises for the press

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