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  • Push-ups on the uneven bars

    Push-ups on the uneven bars

    Push-ups on the uneven bars can be attributed to the number of exercises that maximally work out the muscles of the upper body. The benefits of this training lies not only […]

  • Bodybuilding for All

    Training program “Bodybuilding for All”

    A more or less experienced bodybuilder with time forms his scheme of employment and systematically corrects it for his own needs. The path to independent selection of the right exercises […]

  • Training program for mass recruitment

    The training program for mass recruitment

    The mass of the mass is an actual topic for people engaged in the gym. Often, many people have difficulties with this seemingly fairly simple matter. But in reality, there is nothing […]

  • Exercise vacuum

    Exercise “vacuum” for a beautiful belly and slender waistline

    There are many exercises for getting a tight belly and a narrow waist. One of them is a vacuum in the abdomen, once borrowed from yoga. Performing a simple complex will significantly […]

  • Cardio Fat Burning

    All About Cardio Fat Burning

    Cardio is the fastest and most effective method of combating obesity, volume and the formation of a beautiful body. This is a whole set of healing techniques that help not only […]

  • Anabolic steroids 

    Anabolic steroids

    Anabolic steroids are chemicals that accelerate the synthesis of protein within the cells of the body and lead to increased muscle growth. In bodybuilding and sports, steroids are used as […]

  • The best exercises for the press – a smart belly with a beautiful terrain

    To achieve a relief press can not only prominent bodybuilders, but also ordinary visitors “rocking”. How to do this – read on.   The content of the article: Functions of […]